Dear Tristin,

Tristin loving water playIt has been just over a year, my sweetheart, since you left your body. I wrote page after page to you in my journal. I lit you a candle for over a month, but I did not write your tribute. Not until now, finally, when my heart has found some peace with the way you passed. Now, knowing you will feel my love for you, and not the torment of those days that stretched into months, and then a year. I wanted so much more for you – a gentle, soothing, calming day, and that was not what happened. All I can say, in regard to that last day, I borrow from the Hawaiian poem or prayer Ho’oponopono: “I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me? I love you so. Thank you.”

I pass along , in written form, this Love from your other Mom, Lullaby, and from Blue Sky, and Celestine. I know you are already connected with Spirit-boy. I’m glad for both of you, and grateful too, sweetheart.

My delicate beautiful princess. You with your long lion like mane. I miss your soft silky fur, the music of your voice, the way you reached out to paw at my head from atop the cat tree as I walked by, the way you groomed my hair with such care and love. My girl who plays with water- may heaven hold for you a gentle waterfall of wet, sweet colors, soft comfy blankets, beautiful, soothing music, and high perches that overlook the terrain that is your home. May you be surrounded by Love. Know that I am forever yours, my beauty, and know that you are forever mine, connected by this Love that never dies.

Namaste, Tristin. I love you. Thank you.
Your Mom and your friend,