Tasha Marie

A Tribute for Tasha Marie


Tasha MarieTo my sweet calico girl: Some years back, I remember holding you in my arms, rocking us both, together melting into the chant: “There is only one of us, In your eyes it is me I see.”

Feeling the truth of those words, I felt a deep sense of peace. So did you I knew as I watched you relax so deeply that the saliva ran down your chin. I was so touched, and now, as I write this tribute, I hold that moment in my heart.  It brings me such comfort. I know that we are not separate. We will always be connected.

 You slept next to me, day after day, and year after year, in my arms, on my chest, beside my head, or on my shoulder. So many times, you stared into my eyes, and I was awed by your ancient wisdom and your sacred trust.  When our time to share this physical life came near the end, you allowed me to be with you. You sat on top of me, rested your heart upon my heart, and your sweet head upon my own, and gazed into my soul.

 I asked for help from my guides: Would they guide me and whisper to me what I might do to bring you comfort? I felt you relax beneath my hands. I saw your stretch out your legs and I knew that you felt better.

 It was you, Tasha, who taught me that Love is stronger than fear. It was you showed me that I could be present- that I had it within me to stay in the moment, even as your loss loomed ahead. It was you who showed me how to let you go with grace- from my hands into God’s hands. Thank you for everything you gave me. I love you so. I always will.

Your Mom, your sister and friend,





Hi sweetheart. If I failed you somehow, I’m so sorry. Please know how grateful I am for all you gave and for teaching me that I had it within me to be present. I will never lose those precious moments of being with you. I hope you are so happy, at peace with things and are surrounded by Love. Do you see Spirit Girl? Thank you for showing me the way home to love.  I know Presence because of you.  I know that I can be a part of healing- that God’s love can pour through me into those loved ones who need it because of you and because of my guides who so graciously showed me the way. You opened that door Tasha Marie.  More sisters, we are,  than mother and child. We are the same, you and I, fellow travelers on this Earth journey.  I know there is a way to heal myself, to taking part in healing the Earth and her creatures. I love you so much.