Spirit Girl

A Tribute for Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl. I loved your white eyelashes, your ever soft light copper colored ears, your plume tail, your creamy white coat. And, I loved the way you smiled at me. You taught me so much by the way you lived. Every person you met you greeted as if they were a potential new friend. If it was not meant to be, you just moved on, without holding on to what was not to be. Always present,  ready to smell the flower by your paws, or investigate the next prairie dog hole, or to walk the path into the woods not knowing where it led, always unconditionally loving toward me and all who knew you. I loved our walks in the open space, when I would sit and read, then journey on watching you explore every new scent. You loved those times when you chose the path we took. Thank you for saving me those times we got lost. You told me you knew the way, but I didn’t listen. I should have trusted you. You were my gentle girl. I remember what you did when you sensed a child’s fear: you lay on your belly, sweetly, patiently, and waited for her to approach you. Always trusting, patient, and kind, you gave every moment your full self. You were my best friend, my child, and the light behind every shadow I held on to. Beyond the boundaries of physical life, I sense your ever present Love. Thank you for always being there. If there is one thing I am sure, those who met your soul, whether while you were in your body or beyond it,  are touched by grace. Know always that I love you so and am grateful for the time we shared, for the lessons you taught me, for showing me that there is a way to love in every moment.

Spirit Girl: It has been 3 years. I woke up this morning feeling your presence, your wisdom, how much you gave of yourself, how gentle and unconditionally loving, how much you loved life, how you loved to be in nature. You taught me much in the way you lived and loved. I couldn’t always be there to give you everything I knew you deserved, but you forgave me. Spirit Girl,  thank you for giving me so many lovely, loving years, and for the lessons you taught me. To be unconditionally loving, without holding judgement, always accepting what is, to sense the struggles of another and let them know that they are safe with you, and trusting others. Spirit Girl,  I miss you so much. You were and you are so very beautiful. And I will always love you.