Spirit Boy

SPIRIT BOYDear Spirit Boy,

As I prepared to write this tribute to you, I noticed the scar on my left knee. I flashed back to that moment outside the veterinarian’s office when you jumped out of the unlatched carrier. I fell to the ground to catch you. As upset as I was in that moment, I am glad to see the scar now. Our relationship remains imprinted on my body, mind, heart and soul. Even though your body is not here, even though I cannot touch you, I know you are still with me. In the card I left you, I placed a cutting of my hair. I was given some of your fur and an imprint of your paws. Still with you, I am, and you with me. I feel your strength, your courage, your guidance, and most of all, I feel your love flow through my own being. I know you feel my love for you. Our love is alive- it is a vibrant ray of light that connects us forever more, shore to shore.

You took and still take such great care of all of us, was and are such a strong , and confident leader, such an affectionate, loving Spirit to all of us and to all who entered our home. You are my angel now, my Spirit Boy. If it is your path to follow, please come back to me and please let me know it is you. My home is your home, my handsome boy, then, now and always. I will look for you on the on the other side. Thank you, my Spirit Boy. I love you so very much, my angel.

Thank you.
Your Mom and your friend,