I work within Williamsburg/Haydenville and nearby towns. 

While your animals are in my care, they become my extended family. Their joy, their well-bring, their peace of mind, is mine as well. The time I share with them is about much more than caring for their basic needs. It is about caring for their bodies, minds and Spirits. What do I mean by this?

Ruby and me 1

I believe that the animals know what is in my heart. They feel my energy- it is in the thoughts I think, the way I speak, the actions I take, the way I touch them. It is about the energy I bring to every interaction. I go beyond the call of doo-dee (duty).

Here is a list of the services I offer:

  • Pet sitting:
    includes all basic care within your home: providing food, water, meds, scooping litter boxes.
  • Dog walking:
    can be a leisurely stroll devoted to sniffing and rolling or fast walk for exercise (no running).
  • Etc.: playtime:
    can include fetch, hide-and-go-seek ( I really do hide and they come find me!), find the toy, tug-of-war, and any other game you or your animal can come up with.
  • Hands on time:
    I took a 1 day class in animal massage some time ago. I am not certified, but I often find myself giving your animals a massage after a play session and a walk. I also take this opportunity to check for anything out of the ordinary. For this service, I have received a number of bows, meows and wows!
  • A song and dance:
    Please do not sign me up for a competition. I prefer the animals to be my only audience- but I have been known to sing to them and dance with them across a living room floor.

And anything else that you or your animals can come up with that will bring them joy.

House: If you are out of town, I can bring in the mail, leave on/shut off lights, empty the humidifier, water the plants (inside plants only – if you need your garden watered, please book extra time).


I am available for AM, middle of the day, dinner and nighttime visits and overnight stays.

  • Half hour visits are $17.00.

I offer this option to clients within 10 miles of my office in Williamsburg. I will not schedule a 30 minute visit for people further away.

  • 45 minute visits are $23.00.
  • One hour visits are $29.00.

I specialize in one hour visits. These visits provide enough time to put some joy into your animals day while they are waiting for you to come home. 

  • One and a half hour visits are $43.00.

These visits usually include a good walk, playtime, massage, and may also include their breakfast/dinner.

  • Overnight stays are $58.00/night.

Overnights generally run from about 9PM to 8AM. There are occasional exceptions to this. If another client has scheduled an evening visit, my arrival for the overnight may be delayed briefly. If another client has scheduled me for a nighttime visit, I will leave my overnight stay to visit the other animals for their nighttime visit and promptly return. Please keep in mind that daily visits are scheduled separately from the overnight.








“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”


Rabindranath Tagore