Poetry & Prose

That Is Why


I’m the best,
for I am 85, said the owl.
No, spoke the wolf in his loud nightly howl.
It is I, for I am the leader of the pack,
I protect my family, so no one will attack.
The worm spoke up in her quiet earthly way.
The soil is my home and I am here to stay.
Ha, a giraffe chortled, I am tall,
And you are small, I am better than you all.
And then a butterfly fluttered by,
And all could hear the slightest sigh.
She swooshed and dipped with colored wings,
And then she settled to settle things.
They all agreed that she was best,
For the air offered freedom, the earth a rest.
Ah, she said, we are all the same, you and I,
We are all from the source, that is God, that is why.


Deborah Thunderchild
written with love, for Tara Pauline Smith.


What is creativity?


An open mind, always inquiring, ready to learn, a vast imagination exuberant in its playfulness. To interpret and express through whatever realm at which one excels a definition of what life is for them at that specific moment: in symbolism, the displacement of similars, and in the connectedness of seemingly incongruent subjects. Creativity is the art of becoming the role you have chosen to play, of swan diving yourself in between the words of poetry and prose, of being clay underneath the muddied hands of life, or seagull on a painted vibrant seascape. For whatever vehicle of expression you have chosen, it does not matter. Ultimately, everyone creates their own unique tapestry; it is a tapestry we title life.


Deborah Thunderchild
Written by the part of me who knows for the part of me who doesn’t