Part Two: In Honor of


I asked Spirit Boy and Tristin to be there, and stand with me as I spoke. Come they did, but there were not the only ones. As I got out of my car and walked down the street, I felt them beside me. I felt many behind me as well, so many in fact, that earth seemed to vibrate beneath my feet. It was not their bodies of the wild and the not so wild that followed me down a street in Northampton.  It was their Spirits, their energy, that which remained when their bodies left.  I felt their presence around me as I walked into my meeting. As I spoke, I felt them speak with me and through me.

I asked the members to pick out a memory, one which when they recalled it, they would reenter a state of bliss. So full of the vibration of bliss, that it filled their entire being, and their cells danced within them. I guided them to expand their sense of self outward in all directions to include all forms of life within one Self.  The content of that guided visualization I will leave for you to imagine. The point of it was that sense of self, as we know it, is usually singular. However, Self can also be plural and beyond plural to include all of life. It seems to me that each one of us has it within us to effect the whole of life for the good.

When I left, the animals energies dispersed, but I brought bliss home with me, and the energies of several unseen souls. My cat, Blue Sky, who has secret abilities he sometimes shares with me, stared intently at me. He looked all around me, and focused most intently above my head. He saw what it is I have learned to be true: that no matter what we think, no matter the circumstance, we are never alone.

I realized then that this energy, this vibration of bliss has always been with me. It is within all of us. I have felt it now and again. It settles in ever so softly, as if upon a breeze, and then fades away just as quietly, dispersing into the scenery, and I am left wondering where it went.

Too often, I become lost, in that dark maze of my emotions.  My companions, anger, fear, sadness, and grief take their place within me and I wander aimlessly, looking for my way back to love.   I look and see others too wandering amidst their pain. We all the walk the same well traveled path and yet we walk alone. Our pain speaks through our words, and our actions. Those words and actions reach out and touch others. When we are speaking and acting from within our suffering, our suffering spreads to include our loved ones. It stretches beyond our family to include everyone we encounter along the way. As a result, there is loss, abandonment, neglect and abuse, even murder. What can I do? How can I find my way through this maze? How is it we find our way home?

The answer, I believe, is to look for the light within. When I search for it, focus on it, the light again becomes my guide. All I need to do is to follow it to find my way. That light is Love, bliss, peace. Then, I breathe it in, I drink it. I open up to its presence within me.  It is then that that light pours out of me, through my words, my actions, and my touch. It reaches beyond me to touch all my loved ones, and beyond them to include all beings.

The state of bliss is still within my reach. It still within the reach of each of us. To experience it, we must choose it, open up to this state of being, and welcome it into our present moment, like an old friend.  When we allow it, it expands beyond the confines of our own individual lives to include all of life. We are a hologram, each part, yet we contain the whole within us.  Why not open up the door of our hearts, and invite in bliss? Then, open up even more, and let in all of life within your Self, or find yourself within the All.



Deborah Thunderchild

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