Part One: In Honor of

Part One: In Honor of

Spirit Boy, my big grey tiger cat, who left his body Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, of 2010.  In my home, he was the greeter, the groomer, and the giver. He took good care of all of us, watched over his brood, in which I include myself, with such love, strength and dignity. I can still feel his sandpaper tongue upon my forehead, licking my cares away. He groomed all of the cats and he groomed my guests, licking fingernails and toenails too, when they appeared out from under the summer sun. He made my guests feel welcome. He was such a decent fellow and good to his very core.

I saw him some months back. Standing at my kitchen sink, washing dishes, I saw a flash of colors out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look. No one was there in the flesh. But, it was Spirit Boy. Although I can’t touch him now, I still feel his weight in my arms, and his face against mine. I hear myself tell him how much I love him, and that my home will always be his. I tell him to come back to me, if it is his will, and ask him to let me know it is him.

And in honor of Tristin, my delicate princess, my lion manned cat’s whose angel day has just passed as well. She was a bit more timid, a little fragile, but beautiful through and through. The day she left, Nov. 4th, 2009, was the kind of day any guardian of a furry regrets forever. I worked that day, then hurried home to her, snatched her up and brought her to the vet. I did not know it would be her last day. What she needed from me was me, all my time, my full attention, and the softness of my love that had always soothed away all her frayed edges.  How is it that I didn’t give her that on her last day?  Oh, Tristin. I hope you know how much I love you.

I choose to instead focus now on her atop her cat tree tower, pawing at my hair as I walked by, grooming my head, carefully, nibbling at my hair. I see her too, staring at the running water. She loved to play with it. Her head tilted sideways to better view the cascade, paw flickering in and out of its flow. She sang to me of a heart song so dear, and the music of her voice still vibrates within my heart.  I know she perches now in heaven’s tower, knowing finally and forever, that there is no need for fear; there is only Love.

In between both dates, lay Nov. 3rd, upon which I was scheduled to make a presentation to my business networking group. Synchronicities are never lost upon me. Rather than letting the dates interfere, I welcomed them, grateful for the opportunity to pay homage to my loved ones.  For a very long time, I searched within for what to say, and it finally came to me one early morn. Upon first waking, the words were there, waiting to be written. I grabbed a pen and wrote it all down.

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