Lu H

It’s true that Deborah goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for animals. A recent example is her encounter with a rabid skunk who attacked her and the dog she was walking. Deborah’s first and foremost concern was the dog, not herself. She spent six hours getting medical help for the dog, and then, when the dog was taken care of, she sought medical attention for herself.

I’ve known Deborah for ten years, and her concern for the welfare of all animals is notable and outstanding. One of my adopted dogs from the shelter is so terrified of humans that she trembles with fear when one approaches her, but she allowed Deborah rub her belly at their first meeting. Intuitively Maisy knew that Deborah is a friend to animals. I watched as Deborah provided the best of care, attention and comfort when her own beloved dog, Spirit, fell ill.  Her cats get the kind of care that humans would envy.

I can’t say enough to recommend Deborah, because there are few like her. Those who choose her will never regret it, and their animals will love her and long for the next visit.

Lu H.







“Intuitively Maisy knew that Deborah is a friend to animals.”