In the Realm

They caught my attention, the finned ones,  the size of silver dollars but diamond shaped, orange and yellow. I stared at them, three inches of air and water and glass between us, and they stared back. I felt awe at their uniqueness, not only their colors and their eyes, but their willingness,  their intention to connect with me.  I talked with them, spoke of their beauty, their intelligence, and felt myself drawn in. They followed me with their eyes, and with their little fish bodies, as I moved around their glass home. I wasn’t in their world, and they weren’t in mine, but together we were in the realm between.   I said goodbye finally and the moment passed. Yet, it stayed with me as well.  My words held no meaning to them, but my intention and my appreciation of them, was what connected us together.

That experience brought me back  similar moments. I remembered so many other times, when I met other souls, and our beings resonated with one another, tuned into the same station, a station called grace. 

The bobcat came to mind in all her beauty.   In the wildlife hospital, she paced and paced behind her pane of glass, yearning for the world she could not have.  I met her, my finger in the gap between the panes. The museum disappeared for me at that time, the people and the noise. There was just the two of us. She slowed her pace and finally stopped, and then leaned down to catch my scent, the way all cats do when they want to know you.  Her plight, her pain, the loss of her freedom, all of this lay like a stone, lodged in my throat, and I could only reach out to her, with my hands, my heart, and my soul, and whisper about her beauty, and her grace. I told her, not in words but in the realm between my words, that peace was possible, even trapped as she was. It seemed to me as though she heard me, and understood. I witnessed her shift out of her shrunken world, and into a warm safe place where there was no such thing as loss, only breath, light, and her friend, freedom. She lay down in front of me, stretched out her legs, kneading the air with her great big paws. 

It was then that I felt a human being by my side and realized that I had been seen crying. I quickly wiped my tears away. What she said to me I will not ever forget: “We need people like you, ” I was told.  I’d like to think so. What I know to be true is this: being with this creature brought me the comfort I yearned for. It was in giving that I received.

Then there was the deer on the hill who followed my dog and I on our walk. The gorilla that approached me when I reached out to her with my mind and followed me the full length of her enclosure, and disengaged only when I walked away. The bat ray that swam up to meet me and touched my outstretched fingers over and over again. Every encounter led me toward my life’s path, a path paved by respect, compassion, and the intention to recognize Spirit in one and all.  The scribe in me, mirror like, reflects that beauty back now, for all to see.

To this day, those moments still sing inside my heart and it is God’s voice I hear.  When I get off the speeding train that is my mind, and just allow myself to be…without assumptions, without an agenda, that is when all our separate pieces of our lives join together, transporting us into oneness, and into love….I recognize the animals as they truly are, not just a body and two eyes, not just another mouth to feed, but as an innocent, a teacher, a friend, as God embodied in form…each and every one. Every animal, every plant. Every rock.  The sky. The ocean. This Earth as a whole being unto herself.   All of us there together as one in the realm between.…