Bio Continued

It was my parents who introduced to me to the natural world. During the summers, my parents took my sister, my brother and I camping. It was there that I fell in love with beauty, vulnerability, courage, and innocence- in the form of whatever creatures we encountered along the way.

First it was a chipmunk- there we were, my father, my sister and I. My father spotted a chipmunk, and encouraged me to kneel down, hold out my outstretched palm, and offer the little one a peanut. The chipmunk approached me, took the nut from my hand, and I was in love.

chipmunkLater, I met a donkey who let me stroke her head. There is a picture of me, kneeling on the ground, feeding some goats. There were black bears, so numerous that we made a game of counting them, as we drove by on our journey across the country. It was the land as well, that drew me in, heart, mind and soul. I can still see the Badlands in my mind’s eye, (such a misnomer, by the way), so beautiful, a masterpiece of pattern and color, layered levels of rock, one upon the other. Back in the woods behind our family home, my father introduced me to lady slippers, delicate beauties, each one of them, peeping out, amidst the leaves and brush.

There was Sandy, our cocker spaniel, and later, we were graced with the presence of *Surprise, our golden retriever. Years later, *Spirit Girl, a Samoyed/Husky cross entered my life – such a gentle soul, wise and loving, and *Tasha Marie, my beautiful sun loving calico, *Tristin, my delicate princess lion maned cat, *Spirit Boy, my big grey tiger, the family groomer, caregiver, welcomer of guests , Lullaby, my other social greeter and giver of kitty kisses, Blue Sky, my once feral kitten grown into a sweet healer, and the youngest, Celestine, my Abyssinian playmate.

There is a reason that I believe I was born during this time and place. It is to spread this message in every word I speak, every action I take, and every interaction I have: All Life Matters. What I know to be true is that we are all connected. What happens to one of us happens to all of us. This is my truth. When I am with your animals, it is their joy that makes my heart sing. You and your animals can count on me to do everything I possibly can to ensure their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

















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